Saturday, July 24, 2010

Be the light....

Almost thirty years ago, I was faced with the task of writing a short article encouraging a group of ladies to become involved in certain community projects.  As the daughter of a faithfully prayerful couple, I turned to God to ask for help, and with pen in hand, I wrote : "The sky can never have too many stars; there is room for everyone to shine, including you."  I blush to think of the enthusiasm these words stirred in me.
God knows our hearts and bestows blessings that arrive even when we are unaware.  I had something best known as an inferiority complex, and that lovely phrase lit my heart to ignite the courage to write.  Back then, I used the phrase in a newsletter and it was intended to encourage others to share their best talent.  I was on the right track, and I hope it made a difference for others as time passed by, and now can be a gift for you.
I would like to invite you to reflect.  Chew the thoughts that come to your mind, write them down, and let the flavors of emotions speak for themselves.
What can we do to shine in our lives?  Can we merge with others in their light to serve our best to our family, friends, community, country, and world ?
Can you see what I see?

To shine, to be the light, means to be consciously aware of doing what is right in the same way we dutifully wash our hands throughout the day as we move from task to task. It is essential that we be responsibly clean in every way.  Why?  Integrity matters.

To shine means to open our hearts to serve with true candor in a field that excites us, in which we can be immersed for hours on end and not feel exhausted.  Dr Depak Chopra calls it being in "dharma".
Our uniqueness is called forth to serve our best to everyone we encounter.  Our uniqueness is our niche in the universe designed to accomplish extraordinary things needed by others who have an equally important service to share.  If, in everything we do, we give needed attention, order unfolds surprisingly integral.  Say from the clean dishes at hand to the sound of our satisfaction when we speak to anyone.  Discovering our niche leads to a state of happiness that is very likely contagious.
Attention to detail beckons wholesomeness.  I dare suggest that just the same, apart from this earthly plane, our God grants a part of His illuminance in view of the sun, the moon, and the stars.  His attention to His creation is lucidly displayed to be felt by all the people around the world.

At a glance our eyes impart the light...

I trust we learn and teach from the moment of conception. Each one of us enters life with a significant purpose in vastly different, unique circumstances.
Our free will challenges us to make choices, and the most important one is to recognize our relationship with the Almighty God, Creator of all.  If we disregard the importance of acknowledging His grandness, we take for granted our skin, our veins, our muscles, our bones, our brain, our heart, and our soul.
Our capacity "to be" is packaged to fulfill a divine lesson to be learned and to be taught almost instantaneously.  Emily Dickenson said it best: "To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else."...We can dwell in that possibility :-)...

Father an son...
God's amazing grace pours through us.  We feel good.  We can
choose to feel better.  We can ask God to give us a sign...and I know without a doubt we are never alone.
When I choose to be still and sincerely ask for His favor,
I am filled with completeness.
Schedule a half hour to be still...and quietly ask at your will...
God is pure joy.  I know you'll know because you will feel naturally joyful, contagiously free to be you.
His divine love manifests as a wholesome inner peace we feel within our being and with others.  When we feel harmonious, we are filled with His Holy Spirit.  Our soul contains a ray of His light.
Therefore, just as He is present for the asking, we too can be there for our family, friends, and fellow human beings.

Brotherly flightiness...
We can correct paths of greed, corruption, and deception.
We can change.
We can choose our attire.
We can choose to model what we wish we could have known prior to making mistakes.  No one is perfect as our Lord Jesus Christ who came to reconcile us to God, our Father.
It is to the benefit of the world at large to choose to know, and to keep the Ten Commandments.  No one can boast of never having broken one.  The tablets simply gift a path of inner light, peace, and joy.
Humans err.  Our trials can be reduced by knowing and obeying the commandments given to Moses by God.  Unbelievers too can read them to assess their value in every day life.  They pose no threat.  They are a guide of respect, of the acknowledgement that every human being has a manual that can keep us healthier, safer, and lovelier.
 We are imperfect human beings, but all of us can, should, or even must, at some point in time, repent.                
 We all fall short of perfection, but we are here together and have a right, perhaps a duty, to help improve, to spread the light of life and love.  It is the only way we can be friends.
Charles Hanson Towne said, "Indeed, we do not really live unless we have friends surrounding us like a firm wall against the winds of the world."...I don't know about you, but I hope more and more of us choose to shine so brightly, the choice for the rest will be to live as friends, in harmony where peace can abide.  May all of us together be the wall against evil forces.  I can think of no greater gift to our Creator.
A dear friend taught his daughters to strive to "be better, smarter, stronger, wiser" than before.  That in itself is a good goal.
Mai and Douglas 

So much of what we say and do depends upon what we learn, and God bless Ayn Rand for writing in Atlas Shrugged that the mind is the tool for our survival.  The knowledge we absorb directs the world we live in.

I have placed these thoughts as if on a platter.  Take them in your possession and nourish your relationships step by step, day to day.  The path we walk is eternally ours.
From a mixture of immaturity and ignorance, I hurt myself as I hurt others, and I am so sorry for all the wrongs.  Paul Boese wrote, "Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future."  The forgiver is as blessed as the forgiven.  We need to forgive ourselves as we forgive others, and as we ask God to forgive us.
Words can be delicious to our ears, like when we hear, "I love you."
Nancy Reagan never heard her husband use profanity.  That is a clear legacy mankind can respect and become determined to follow.  I wish I were in his ranks, but I can remember to be better, wiser than before.
Maya Angelou wrote," When you know better you do better."
Elizabeth facing a shark...
Ultimately, I wish we could all strive to eradicate lies with a swat.
The misconstruction of truth is readily overlooked to the extent that people betray laws to support corruption.
The users use the used to achieve control over them as puppets.  This sort of wrongdoing is as ramped as swearing.  Recognize and reject waddling in a gutter full of mud.
The lies, the foul language, the manipulation of facts are tributes of disrespect to the God in heaven Who knows the truth.
It is hard being human with distractions, temptations, and addictions but it is absolutely freeing to navigate away from the danger of lacking integrity.   Seize the opportunity to self-reliant.
Unethical people cannot be trusted.
I wish you discernment to shift gears to travel safely on the road of life.  Regrets are a sorry sight to observe plus dishonesty wraps a false cape of pride that is shameful.
God's wisdom nugget came to me in a thought : there is room for you to shine.
Walk and talk like a star.
Let all who see you and hear you feel the light of your presence.
Exercise your God given talent, and do it honorably.

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