Saturday, July 24, 2010

May the Peace of God be with you

All secrets are known to Him whose light beams from within us.  I know that to be true because there is no greater wealth or peace on earth than a clear conscience.  The gnawing of all wrongdoing manifests itself regardless of denial.  God's kindness is in his correction, and no one gets away with harm, ever.  I rest and lean on Him to provide the peace we can all achieve by simply living in the truth.
In memory of dearest Ethel...

God grants us free will and forgiveness.  However,we reap what we sow.  We are the farmers of our life, living in the land of our bodies, attended by the warmth of our hearts, and guided by the light of our souls.  We depend on one another for sustenance, and the brightest among us have created an enormously comfortable way of life in the United States of America.  Despite political differences, and the present government run wild to take away from people who rose in material possessions, Americans at large have embraced every man and woman from all walks of life, creed, and race, to the near point of freedom extinction.  The naivete is evident.  The givers and the receivers have been duped.  Common sense has been forgotten with God in the back burner.
The insanity of shouting, accusing, attacking, and disguising the problem of corruption at the core of our being for not taking full responsibility to do the very best we can by serving without abusing he very great majority that gives hard earned money in earnest.  Many have gotten used to riding on the wings of a state that provides and the state has accumulated voters by overlooking abuse, just as the abusers accept the corruption at the top.  This is a pathetic spin whirling us into a crash.
God knows all.  Those of us who pray in churches or at home, on a walk, or while driving, know in our gut evil has flung to smear, confuse, and destroy the very essence of what is honorable, noble, and good.
Orthodox Church in Bayard, Nebraska
Religion has been bashed because believers have erred, made mistakes, committed crimes, sinned, knowingly or unknowingly, as all humans do, even atheists.
We hold clergy to a higher standard, as we should all professionals, and in a perfect world, no one would err.  Face we must the image in the mirror, and decide to live a more godly life.  C. S. Lewis said, "What saves a man is to take a step.  Then another step."
I rest in God's cradle of the ancient church.  I pray for me too these days, and for all whom I have met in my entire life.  One night I crossed myself to sleep remembering each departed soul I once met in this journey called life.   My heart really feels like a cup of gold when I seek our Lord.
Labyrinth at Kaanapali
However, it is a huge disappointment to be living at a time when lies are openly spoken, the truth shamefully denied, and our trust is tarnished by unclear messages circulating literally everywhere.  Our moral compass is cracked.
 I pray my sons are better men than those who successfully achieve status immersed in deceptive garb.  The wolves wear sheep's clothing.  It breaks my heart to see the crowds cheering on misleading speeches about the greatest cover up of Benghazi.
Evil recruits evil doers; the enemy, entices every human being into a little more sin.  We are witnesses to a tug of war.
Consider Denis Waitley who said, " A life lived with integrity--even if it lacks the trappings of fame and fortune is a shinning star in whose light others may follow in the years to come."  Atheism, Communism, Sharia Law, and Socialism have proven to be oppressive forces denying the light given to every human being to shine as no other.  Those who support the views of Atheists, Communists, Sharia Law, and Socialism are intruders in our America.  They are either truly ignorant or have been bought off by the group that rides with the Federal Reserve to destroy the only country on earth where freedom does still exist.  We have politicians who lack integrity, and they are misleading our nation for personal gain.  It is wrong to join their One World Order cause even though it looks like they are close to collapsing the dream of our forefathers.
The two greatest sources of wealth on earth are available at once.  Live a life of integrity to know the peace of God.  Albert Einstein wrote, " The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been kindness, beauty, and truth."
As you plan and schedule happiness, God inevitably pours out joy.  Happiness is not achieved at the expense of another's unhappiness.
A candle in my kitchen 
Humility needs to be cultivated and that's easy too.  Once again I quote C.S. Lewis," Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less."  We must always consider the other children of God, Atheists included.
This is not a perfect world, but if we must join forces, let it be in step with our Lord.  We may be called to join a church for a greater sense of community, and we trust that we are on the road to fulfilling our best possible purpose on earth.  No one escapes the hour of departure from this life, and to disbelieve our trespasses matter, is certainly foolish.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best," All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."  String these words as pearls and feel them.

Truth cannot be distorted. Reality cannot be disguised. Both can be misunderstood by humans, neither by our God.
Hula at Hope Chapel in Kihei

We are on stage for heaven to see our actions and hear our words. I wouldn't put it past God to have our lives on a reel so all can watch how we mustered up among ourselves. We will all have fallen short of perfect.
 Nevertheless, the pivot point is in all of us who realize our mistakes.  God's Son, Jesus, lends grandeur to those who humbly and honestly ask to be forgiven.
Strive to serve mankind with goodness.
War is not the answer, love is. However, our freedom in this greatest country on earth, has been upheld by young, agile men and women who have been in the battlefields to protect it. I pray for their strength to leave home determined to gain and maintain the Republic of our founding fathers. I pray their hearts and minds can withstand the unthinkable meeting with opposition and possible harm.
Our calling is always to be constructive, not destructive.  We have to dig for the passion to do good. We can begin by honoring our divine nature.
Let us all pray for world peace.
May His peace with us.

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