Monday, July 15, 2013

As Dusk Shades Appear

It is the beginning of the evening. Some cooing and chirps call for feathered tweeters to settle on branches and are slowly more sparsely heard from afar; nearby, some flutters ruffle the monkey pod tree leaves good night.  The palms barely sway to wave the breeze gone by.

Shoulder to shoulder at rest...
 Upcountry the island is quiet and tonight I feel the ache of an imminent goodbye. Gazing down the mountain, I whisper: farewell Aloha State. Makena's sandy beach captured my heart with a feast of its daily blue, turquoise buffet of colors majestically present in a God given portrait.
Dear second cousin, Nick... 
 I say farewell greenery splashed with peach,pink, purple, yellow, red, white, and blue blooms.

 In Hawaii lives a favored paradise on earth where people like you and me, imperfect humans, strive like all others, all over the world, to survive.  To have missed a day of its splendor is by choice.  No matter what troubles fall upon us, God cuddles us with intricately designed flowers, fruits and herbs.  Even the weeds appear too pretty to pluck from the rich soil.  When the sun glimmers on these, unnamed hues appear, and heaven is nearer than I thought, I think.
 Here days and months feel like reflective moments in time when we come to know much of what we wished to have known from birth. The island overflows with love. However, its devilishness slithers because it is after all a place on earth inhabited by us, humans. To weigh the good against the bad upon God's scale, no doubt lifts us as better than bad because to live Aloha is more than a greeting. Aloha becomes us. As I feel we may be leaving, I pray Maui,in the shape of a woman's profile, be kept serene, be safe from thievery, corruption, and misguided beliefs. May its people wake each morning grateful for its pristine land, the aina, that bears fruits and vegetables fit for all its royal folks. May its people remember to thank God. It seems obvious that living here is a blessing bestowed by our Almighty. Whether born here or not, being a part of this community invites cooperation to serve our best character. Friends,family, and acquaintances are always excited to meet in a store. The reunion is cause for chit chat and laughter. I regard the meetings heart handshakes. I pray all lessons learned can appease us and others. As dusk shades appear to blanket the parade of foliage and flowers in our garden, I pray the stars that light the sky so brightly tonight, remain in my heart as the light of God I saw in the people of Maui. Mahalo means Thank you... Aloha means love, welcome, hello, and good bye... Maui No Ka Oi...Maui, we are the best...

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